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A few stories from around Canada Covered By Media 



Sexual abuse survivor speaks out on  a  broken  system  workers  and  govermnment  know  it but  still  use  it  ….even  after  report  #24  hear  from  a  victim  of  our  foster parent  system  and   child  aprention 

Robert Honeker 08/05/2012

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- Have your holidays with your kids been taken away because of a removal?
- Have your kids been removed from your care without cause?
- Have you tried your best to work with MCFD?
- Do you even know the reason why your children have been removed?

If the answer is yes to any one of these questions and you need help in understanding how the system works, how to work with the system or how to fight with the system, please contact 604-200-3297 or send an email with your details to or

Let’s work together to stop this injustice!!!!!

Every Wednesday at 9:00 pm Pacific Standard Time

We have a support call group and  radio show

You can access it  via  the  web here or via Telephone  by calling  604*200*3297  the conference room number is 8002003297  or  via  skype from the   page  or  via  the  skype button below You can  just call in  and  listen or  ask  your  questions  … Please respect your neighbors by not talking over each other

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Make child-services professionals accountable

Re: “Child protection limits not clear,” March 18.

The editorial notes that the government through legislation, police and the courts gives social workers unlimited powers to put the interests of the child first. In spite of reviews, reports and recommendations from Thomas Gove, Ted Hughes and Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond, there is no improvement.

There is a simple reason that countless reports do not produce the needed change. When government appoints justices to conduct these reviews, it gives direction to assign no blame. Government insists that no one individual be held accountable for actions or inaction. In my view, this “no fault” approach means “no learning” by social workers, Ministry of Children and Family Development executives, family court judges or police.

How is it that the government does not hold the professionals (social worker, police or judge) to the same standard that the law hold parents accountable? If you provide these professions with unlimited powers to protect the best interests of the child, then the system must also hold these professionals accountable. Fix this accountability gap and you will see significant improvement in the care and protection of children.

Doug Kelly, chairman

First Nations Health Council West Vancouver

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20 Million Kids & Adolescents are labeled with “mental disorders” that are based solely on a checklist of behaviors. There are no brain scans, x-rays, genetic or blood tests that can prove they are “mentally ill”, yet these children are stigmatized for life with psychiatric disorders, and prescribed dangerous,life-threatening psychiatric drugs. Child drugging is a $4.8 billion-a-year industry. Get the facts about this multi-billion dollar industry that is labeling and drugging kids for profit.



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Taken without mother’s consent: Woman calls for inquiry into P.E.I.’s ‘systematic removal’ of children
Kathryn Blaze Carlson Mar 11, 2012 – 10:37 PM ET | Last Updated: Mar 12, 2012 10:32 AM ET

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Mary MacDonald, pictured above with her son, says her adoption records show am adoption agency took her from the hospital before her mother signed a surrender document.
A woman is urging the Premier of Prince Edward Island to launch a public inquiry into that province’s historic adoption practices, which she said resulted in the “coercive and systematic removal” of children from their unmarried mothers from the 1950s to the 1970s.

The call comes ahead of an expected series of class-action lawsuits against provinces from Quebec westward, accusing the governments of kidnapping, fraud and coercion, according to Tony Merchant, the prominent lawyer heading the pending actions.

“There is evidence that unethical and improper procedures were widespread,” Mary MacDonald, who was adopted in 1958, wrote in a March 5 letter to P.E.I. Premier Robert Ghiz. “The activities and involvement of religious agencies in co-ordination with government and judicial agents is a collective shame that rivals the scandal of the residential school system.”

Curtain lifts on decades of forced adoptions for unwed mothers in Canada
Canada’s murky legal world of surrogate-consultants and human-egg buyers
Ms. MacDonald said her adoption records show a government-certified adoption agency, which she said was run by Protestants, took her from the hospital before her mother signed a surrender document. She said the document was later signed but was neither witnessed nor notarized, and that the lawyer handling the adoption was simultaneously sitting as chairman of an orphanage.

Ms. MacDonald said the Premier has not yet responded to her letter, which came on the heels of an explosive February report by the Australian Parliament calling on the Australian government to apologize to the “many parents whose children were forcibly removed” from their care. Mr. Ghiz’s spokesperson did not respond to an interview request on Sunday.

‘This has nothing to do with money’
The P.E.I. woman is among the growing movement of mothers and adoptees calling on the federal and provincial governments to probe this country’s adoption practices, during a time when abortion was illegal and unmarried mothers were stigmatized as feeble-minded and unfit to parent.

On Saturday, the National Post told the stories of several women who said they were coerced or forced into putting their babies up for adoption between the 1950s and the 1980s — whether by social workers who threatened women with police action unless they consented, by matrons at church-run maternity homes who said unmarried women could not live there unless they agreed to an adoption, and by medical staff who denied women the right to hold their babies and reportedly gave them lactation-suppressants without their knowledge.

Over the weekend, more than a dozen other mothers contacted the newspaper with similar accounts of systematic coercion, and at least three said they are seriously considering joining any future class-action lawsuit against the Ontario government.

‘As far as I’m concerned, young women were wronged’
“As far as I’m concerned, young women were wronged, and choices were taken away from them,” said Betty Meredith, who was sent to an Ottawa maternity home for unmarried mothers when she was 18 in 1964. “To this point, no one’s paid too much attention to the suffering of these mothers.”

Ms. Meredith said she signed adoption papers before her daughter was born — before she was tied down to the birthing table, covered with a sheet so she could not see the baby being born and then unknowingly given drugs to dry up her breast-milk.

“This has nothing to do with money,” said Jani Francis, who also plans to join the Ontario class-action suit after her experience as an unwed pregnant teenager in Toronto in 1969. “What happened was cruel and inhumane. I want someone to be held responsible.”

Ms. Francis said she signed a temporary wardship putting her son in government care for three months so she could buy herself some time to find a place to live. Her parents flew her home to Thunder Bay for the Christmas holidays, but they refused to pay for her ticket back to Toronto. Knowing she could not afford to get back to her son, she said she reluctantly signed the adoption papers. Right after, Ms. Francis said the social worker revealed the child could have easily been transferred to Thunder Bay, where Ms. Francis said she had a friend who would have been willing to house her and her baby.

An Ontario woman named Suzanne, who asked to conceal her identity because her family does not know she put a child up for adoption in the 1980s, is also considering joining the suit.

Peter J. Thompson/National Post
A pamphlet provided by Valerie Andrews
Suzanne said she tried to revoke her consent within the 21-day period, but said she was stonewalled by her social worker, who refused to meet with her, and by the children’s aid society, which bounced her back to the social worker and ultimately said there was nothing they could do.

Valerie Andrews, the executive director of Origins Canada supporting people separated by adoption, said over the weekend two more women added their names to a list of mothers registering for a future federal inquiry. More than 100 have so far signed up, she said.

When asked whether the government would consider such a probe, a spokesperson for Justice Minister Rob Nicholson said adoption is a provincial matter.

Funny Enough the first 15 mins of this show did not record. Why ?????
Tylar Zeilenski , and his Father talk about health care in the USA. The system made to protect us and help us around the world is failing us.
It’s Time to wake up!!
We talk to Zeitgeist Langley on their Solutions concept

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